Sunday, July 4, 2021


 Zoupa !!!

 I'd been doing an occasional 4 page, tabloid for postal mail, since '88, years before Google, Facebook, and iPhone. Some of my peeps seem not online, and while I miss them, I also miss the me that was creating a flier of miscellaneous lies, etc.

So? Allow me to create again.

It needs a name: Zoupa, spoken with gustatory exhultation; maybe like we might hear at a Greek/Italian family reunion.

Zoupa, from zoupe, from soup. Add the alphabet, A to Z, and you have all the healing one might need.

Editing your story might be just the placebo for you.


This online spot means to hold items that may or may not be included in the new print version. It’s a simple deal.

If you want a sample of Zoupa 

send your name and postal address to:

Wonton pierogi

Wonton pierogi

There's more beef

on a chicken boob

than on both of

my biceps combined

Folding into a savory

crêpe like skin on

my forearm

Whither thou goest


… this way.


Copyright 2021, 

David L White, July


David L. White