Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Alphabet Consommé

 Alphabet Consommé, 

a perpetual broth, simmering 

with stories we eat, that build 

our blood and bone.

Saturated, steeped, marinated in meaning, 

letters and words are no longer merely 

dry noodles in the soup. 

The stories become us 

like hot fashion 

year after year.

Things seem to clarify.

© DLWhite

4.30.24 Poem

Minnows for Dinner


Minnows for Dinner

Hook, line, and sinker, I’d like to 

lure you into the river of similarities 

with fishing and the writing of poetry.

You get up, gear up, go out and wade 

into the day. Sit. Stand. Fish.

The time, day, month, season, the weather, 

the gear you did or did not bring, all swim 

in your memory and nibble at your plans.

Whether you go out and don’t get 

the catch you might have thought, 

you go anyway.

Sometimes, it’s just 

minnows for dinner 

© DLWhite

April 2024 

Keyword Poem

Dimensional Frost

Dimensional Frost
Robert Frost, calls to us 
from another dimension. 

He is writing a poem about 

a road he took that didn’t 

make any difference at all. 

Robert Frost, calls to us 

from another dimension. 

Do what you want, he says.

© DLWhite

Poem 4.30.24

Six Exits

 Traveling on Interstates 39 and 55 I began to see exits that read like peoples names.

It has seemed like I should do something with them. Screenplay?

Will I have to murder any of them? Did the butler do it? Is there any mystery left at all?

Henry Streator

Raymond Hillsboro

Gillespie Litchfield

Shirley McLean (not an actual sign

Herculaneum McNutt (St.

Antonia Barnhart

Alton Greenville

Raymond Taylor (ville 

Pawnee Auburn

Perhaps this will suffice as 'doing something' with the vision. 

Yes, I was driving and leveling the camera on the dash for quick bursts.

Possibly Profound

 While picking litter 

a folded up profundity 

slipped into my fingers 

ballpoint on lined paper ...

And what did it say?

You had to have been there. 

Or, you could just up and go there now



April 30, 2024

On & Off

 On & Off

Moving through the veils

Slowly; encountering fewer

possible knots

Calling into existence

How often and loud

As if simply

On & Off




Monday, April 22, 2024

Language Exchange - Intercambio -

 Language Exchange/Intercambio de idiomas

This class connects Spanish and English language learners seeking to improve their conversational skills and meet people from different cultural backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to speak with a partner fluent in the language you are learning and interested in learning yours. Intended for fluent English and Spanish speakers learning the other language. For the convenience of our language learners, this class is between our Spanish and ESL classes. 

Esta clase conecta a estudiantes de español e inglés que desean mejorar sus habilidades de conversación y conocer a personas de diferentes culturas. Se ofrece la oportunidad de hablar con un compañero que domina el idioma que se aprende y que está interesado en aprender el suyo. Destinado a hablantes fluidos de español e inglés que aprenden el otro idioma. Por la conveniencia de nuestros estudiantes de idiomas, esta clase se encuentra entre nuestras clases de español y ESL.

Activity Code: 1R554403



Wed, Jun 26-Aug 21, 1:30PM-2:00PM

$10 Residents/$15 Non-Residents

Sunday, April 21, 2024

How Am I ?

 How am I?

Let me pick a few ripe fruits 

from invisible trees in this garden, 

I swear we're standing in right now.

Would you like a tour?

Or, we can sit a bit.

I'll fix you a plate.


Copyright David L White

April 21, 2024, 8:15 AM

Thursday, April 18, 2024


Once I have sufficiently moistened the little puck, I like being able to share the yellow, or any other color, over multiple surfaces so that I might make better use of the paint.

Play time Tuesday.


Whittling Kindling



Whittling Kindling

You thought the time spent on the porch

might get you a bird or a whistle, 

a whale, turtle, pipe.

You paid attention to proper knives, 

care and cleaning, and the 

just right wood.

In the end you merely added shavings 

to the fire that warmed your life. 

A ghost of smoke now.

© David L White

April 18, 2024

Thursday morning poem

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Quink Water

This morning I discovered that Parker Quink ink does not stay put when I brush some watercolor over it.

I wonder if I start with watercolor and come back around. Next experiment, I guess.

I have watched Youtube videos.

I am reminded of the Chinese saying:

"Don't believe what they say. Go see."


April 13, 2024

Art Space

 I have some experiments to make. I'd like to make them close enough together that I might document what works.

Elbow room.

Speedball Dandelion

 Here is one of only a few Speedball Dandelions in my first book.

I do NOT mean it to indicate that I ever had any artistic tendencies.

Coconut Wine

 Except for a few speedball black ink dandelions

I made no attempts at artistic embellishments

in my first handwritten book of poetry.



There is no door - 1974

They Say - poem


They Say

There may be some gems in here.

You might have to blow the dust a bit.

Critical minerals might require some smelting.

You get what you pay for.

They say.

Copyright David White

March 10, 2024, 5:40 AM

Keyword Poetry

 Keyword Poetry

The idea has recently been

that the legend is supplied 

for you and the map requires

you to fill in the blank page.

It's an idea, a work in progress.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

the day was enough of a day 

nothing to pack or put away 

explain, define, approve, acquire 

nothing left to wonder till 

far tomorrow seeming distant

slipping between the sheets 

the temperature perfect

 the humidity A-okay

this old body feels - agreeable

stretching a bit to find a place 

every place better than fine 

even more than comfortable

no aches, pains, worries, concerns 

the breathing ... breathing easily

Sweet dreams soon and 

good, good night

© David L White

4/6/2020 poem