Thursday, January 19, 2023



Up early again. Good.
I entertain the doing.
Creation right here.
Wet clay on the wheel.
And I made a pot of coffee
without coffee this morning.
I laugh. I laugh.
Hot water.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Art Spin

 ArtSpin - Under construction

Late Jan 30, 2023 I offered this image on FB. Overnight five peeps put their names in the hat. I am beside myself with glee.

I say under construction because I am learning ... I forgot to put a close date.

I need to get a more concise message. I would rather share these than keep them. I may decide to start selling. That sounds like work that does not get the same vibe as sharing.

We'll get there.



If you would like a free chance at an original piece of art by DLWhite please comment dohappybetter IG, FACEBOOK:

or email, with your First Name and Last Initial.

I will add your name to the wheel after I hear from you.

Sliding scale - pay what you feel, including free.

Sample Art below

Sample Wheel here:

ArtWords Audio

Part 2 @ 10 minutes ͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏...