Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Beautiful Route

The Beautiful Route is the working title of my current project and third Drive Time book.

Short vignettes about the people I meet continue to amaze me and enlarge my definition of 'the' world. Having time on the road allows me to put the pieces together.

I'll be recording the stories as audio files or podcasting depending on one's definition, as well as, writing the stories of people I meet in my day job.

I am close to choosing SoundCloud as my host and audio provider.

This blog/site is meant to be a starting point for links to my projects. Please see the Links link to the right.

ArtWords Audio

Part 2 @ 10 minutes ͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏...