Saturday, May 28, 2022

Friday, May 27, 2022

Secondary Survivor

Secondary Survivor

You’re blonde, not stupid,
and men want to do you.

You said that, with the word.
And F is all I heard.

Maybe a matter of degree
when one expects abuse

Frankly, my dear, not that
you’re wrong, I’d rather watch.

You said other things, too.
Secondary triggers flashing.

Survivor, too, you’d say.
As if that clears things up.

Whether you wish to listen
I still have things to say


(c) 2022 David L White

May 13, Friday Poem

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Prom Season


Prom Season

Look. Look. It’s me and
my long standing date
with the sweet days of May.
Dressing, posing and dancing
with Miss Clementine Lilac Vidalia.

Good times. 

(C) 2022 David L White

Monday morning poem

May 23, 2022 8:33 am

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Door cover draft

 This is the draft cover image for my ebook rerelease of poetry
from 1974, 1975, 1976; chapbooks, flyers, broadsides.

There is no door

Songs for Tentative Guitar

Gone Fishin'

Ice Cream Koans


Friday, May 13, 2022

Hang on! Greedy Bastards!

 Smile was on my mind. Actually, even though I was snuggling my wife and waking up, I think there's a way through here to describe the value in terms of microdosing oxytocin.

Somehow greedy bastartds poked it's head in and I decided to slop them together in this single piece.

The SMILE wins in my mind, HeartMind, of course. More to be delivered about that.

I have been wondering about and this Smile idea pops. It comes on the heels of the idea titled Joy Ride. More play there, too.

Hang on to yourself
as long as it amuses you.
Smile. Share.



Greedy Bastards 

seem to want
so much that
you can't have
what's yours.

May 11th

A Beautiful Day for Rest

 A Beautiful Day for Rest

With the cloud cover full of rain 
the airport seems closer. The 
background noise rolls forward.

She mentions that the Supreme 
Court seems poised to overturn 
Roe versus Wade.

I roll forward, into the kitchen, and 
put away the dishes. Raindrops 
sparkle out the window, in the lawn.

I seem poised to declare a third 
Sunday this week. It looks like a 
beautiful day for rest.

Copyright 2022 David L White
Tuesday morning poem 
May 3, 8:22 AM

Palm Labyrinth

Palm Labyrinth

You may sit down 
with a palm reader 
and become 
vulnerable; open.

They tell you what 
comes to their mind.

You trust. You listen. 
Maybe you take notes.

It’s a wonderful thing. 
To be that open with 

Soon now,  you will 
trust yourself enough, 
to sit quietly and open 
your palm. Instead 
of reading the lines, 
you may write the lines 
with the index finger 
of your dominant hand.

Write the lines of 
your life as you see 
them from where 
you are. Be kind.

Begin simply.
I. Love. You.

(c) 2022 David L White
Poem May 3 - 11:40 AM

Smile until you feel your breath

 Smile until you feel your breath.

by David L White

Friday the 13th, May 2022

Time travel.
First me now and
then you, also now, too

And space travel when 
you share this with someone 
and it plays on their lips elsewhere 
now and later, too.

Smile … until 
you can 
feel your 

Copyright 2022 David L White
May 11, Poem
Smile - Needs no practice.

Recall Alert

Recall Alert

on all models;
Cradle of Civilization.
Lethal splinters due to faulty design.
Substandard hardware.
Toxic varnish. Do not use splinters for kindling.
Prolonged use may cause collapse of capitalism,
climate, and multiple species.
Unbolt capitalist underpinnings and allowing the
creator to free fall from consumer comforts.
Anarchy? Matriarchy!
with loving support of ex-pats.
(c) 2022 David L White
May 12. Recall Poem

ArtWords Audio

Part 2 @ 10 minutes ͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏...