Saturday, January 16, 2021

Empire Crumble Cake: a recipe

Empire Crumble Cake: a recipe

Pissed that you missed / my explicit wishes to / cease chasing opinions / and conserve energy
Energy for the war, I mean, / referenced by you, / in this time of coup

I need quiet time to  / gird my loins, / sharpen pencils, et  / cetera, et / cetera
my old family recipe for pandemic

One might think / I need to press my talents  / to the bloody front / or my pen is not worth 
the paper it scribbles on. / that some how art / requires utility / weaponized

Yet / here you are / with your fully loaded / mouth, sniping rapid fire / opinions at my generals
and direction / friendly fire perhaps / damaging still / opinions

Had I assembled all the facts / right, left, and center, and / lined them up like soldiers, 
there still exist the / unruly band of dissidents / waving flags of dissonance 
cognitive and otherwise. Indisputable facts, my ass.

It has been said that / one needs to choose  / a side. Right or wrong.  / Pro or con. Black or white. 
And I may say the choice  / is between war and / peace. And I’m choosing  / peace. And quiet.

Herewith I remind / that I mentioned, early on, / that I am near deathly / sick of my very own opinion
/ even / as well. The drums, the gunfire / the bloody screaming / friendly fire perhaps / damaging still

And you, you, are making far  / too much noise and  / your location has been  / compromised.
I recalibrate 
the cannon.

I’m ordering a detachment of my detachment  / a seal team of troops /  to bivouac  / deep in the thicket of  / 
your curious imagination

Listen for my camp tune; a reveille, 
a revelry of reverie. 
Whisper with me.

Time to cut the horses loose / and ride higher / launching biochemical offensives / of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine / 
so that it reeks of love / joy / and wonder so thick / and heavy that / even moving / moves carefully

We will dance together on Smoke Signal Rock and watch the facade of empire crumble.
There will be cake.

© 2021 David L White
Saturday morning poem 

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