Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dolor Lump

We are not sure this is your scan. It's not labeled. But it's a training hospital. Therefore we can say with all certainly that your brain looks something like this.

This graphic represents the coding burned on to your chip. Sometimes we have to do more than pop the hood. We might have to swap your board.

The internal mental chatter we all do might be more closely examined from time to time to see if there aren't upgrades to your system that might improve performance.

More on all this later. I'm trying to swap out the auto metaphor and move it towards the kitchen. But, you might be able to change horses at full gallop. Oops. More and more metaphor.

The idea is that we talk to ourselves all the time. If we watch our language we can find ways to be more friendly to ourselves.

I spiked it so that DOLOR would read bigger. Dolor means pain. We are trying to reduce pain through Therapeutic Linguistics.

The text in the graphic is lorem ipsum run through a word cloud generator. More on Lorem Ipsum here.

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