Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Knews Review

 Before Facebook began putting holes in my cheese brain, some of the most fun I ever had, was prepping, printing, and mailing out a tabloid newsletter zine. 

Lately some of 'the bigs' are selling their entire life catalog for $500 million. I figured I'd better get my notes together. 

These mastheads represent some of my 'family' Christmas letters, three times a year for 20 years - sixty-six issues from '88 to '08. 

Also, I find it startling to discover that the publication I fondly remember as ‘The Knews Review’ is not represented here. Perhaps I fell for a fiction. Apparently I name each issue on a whim. Further though, this blog, the recent entry of Zoupa to the AZML stable, and Substack, the emailer, is of a piece that calls for more creativity. More play.

And, by play, I mean to get lost in a challenge and reward of exploration and discovery, to travel beyond your usual borders, encounter the unknown, and return with personal souvenirs.

It's good for you. Think of it as rest and rejuvenation.

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