By Zoupa I simply mean to add more joy, or exuberance, if you'd like a more full-bodied concept. I think Zoupa sounds and feels like a stereotypical Greek, Italian, or Hollywood elder male kicking off the feast.

Zoupa !!!

Historically speaking, I wrote two poems that referred to Alphabet Soup in my very first book of poetry. Soon, in order to include the entire English alphabet from A to Z, the Soup simmered to Zoupe.

I firmly believe that, in addition to food, water, and air, we are nourished, to whatever extent that might be, by ideas. (others will add Chi, or Prana, and I see no reason to not include it.)

And where to keep the ideas, or recipes, as they are sometimes called? In a library; a memorial library. Sometimes I say metaphorical. Sometimes I say liberry.

Anyway, nourished by ideas, we take them in, sort, toss, clean them, and put them to our best use.

Sometimes it occurs to us to change up a recipe, as when an idea is challenged by a new idea.

We all have this working repository, the Test Kitchen, which is a fine place to spread out and get busy.

Also, for a while, I thought that I might add my two cents, by offering my time and attention as a counselor, coach, listener.

Way back when I first opened my print shop, without any prodding from me, a caricature artist drew me in doctor garb. I became Doctor Dave. Doctor of what?

Drawing a bucket from the Poet well, it seemed reasonable to consider Neology; a, or, the study of words. 

From Neology, if one has desire for positive change, or healing, I created Therapeutic Linguistics. More simply Therapy Lingo. I simply mean to reduce it to Good Words.

It is simply using words of praise and gratitude to help others, as well as yourself, feel better.

As a card designer in my print shop, I provided words of praise, on postcards and bookmarks, using big fonts and bright colors, to teachers of foreign language to pass along to their students. Something different than another gold start, pencil, or tootsie roll. You know ... when that was acceptable.

Not to take any shine off the praising of God I think it acceptable to include one's neighbor, if that sounds at all familiar.

Anyway ... talking about joy, theoretically, is better than not thinking about it at all. Expressing yourself more joyfully is better. Tastes good and good for you, too.


I'd been doing an occasional 4 page, newsletter, zine, tabloid for postal mail, since 1988, years before Google, Facebook, and iPhone. Some of my peeps seem not online, and while I miss them, I also miss the me that was creating a flier of miscellaneous lies, etc.

So? Allow me to create again. I like print. I need more tactile experience. It might suffice a bit while I wait out the pandemic.

And, I might be working on another book. 


If you want a zine, me thinking out load, so to speak, send your name and postal address to:

DoHappyBetter @ gmail.com

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