Thursday, March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

It is March 19 2020.

It seems like a good time to share some stories with you.
It is the first day of my ninth year as a customer service driver for a Toyota dealer.
It is also my first day on leave of absence from that job.
It is the first day of my own coronavirus lock down … because I said so.
I have no symptoms. I don’t want any. Thank you.

It is also the first time that spring has sprung exactly on my birthday.
And, accordingly, … it is my birthday.

It is also the beginning of this podcast.
It is the beginning of my Thinking Partner phone chat offering.

What with so many beginnings, it is past time to get going.

In January 2020 I released my third book in the Drive Time genre
of real people stories that I encourage while on the job.

The book is titled Postcards from the Beautiful Route.

I called them stories. They do not necessarily have a beginning, middle, or end.
They are more like micro biographies, or snippets, or vignettes. Or ... postcards.
I have decided to see more beauty on purpose.
I have decided to move directly to inner peace as best as possible.
Gratefully loving joy. It simply feels better.

As a driver I take people out to home or work. And I come back alone.
On the way out there is growth for me. I am humbled by the things I do not know.
I thank the customers for their help by simply being grateful and amazed.
And on the way back to base there is reflection and assimilation.
I put the world together by telling the story to myself.

Lots of the work and play I do in the work shuttle goes beyond the driving.
It is the engagement and encouragement and enthusiasm that I bring to the exchange.

Anyway …. I envision two types of episodes for the podcast.
One is the postcard, or story episode, designated PBR.
And the other episode, designated somehow, is the reading of the random sign posts, or uplifting ideas, expressed as quotations, that indicate my way forward, my way home to my self.

I’ve wanted to read to you for a little while now. Shall we begin?.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Little Wing - poem


Little Wing

Although some will 
tell you otherwise 
You don’t have to 

stop or start 

You could twiddle or 
tweak your trajectory, 
modulate the velocity, 
slow down. Speed up.

You could hummingbird, 
falcon, or mimic the 
murmuration like
larks and barn swallows

Sometimes we say
“Either way” as if there
were only two.

It’s what you choose.
Fly on, little wing.


David L White
March 3, 2020

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