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Personal Scrip Zine

 Dr. Zoupa, long time friend of the family, signed on to practice and started writing scrips almost immediately.

In this version the scrip is the front page of a mini-zine. And, why not?

There is also a personal panel on which to scribble personal pertinent I love you's.

The remainder reads like this.


I invite you to share your joy. Shock Therapy means 

No Whining. Joy can be shocking therapeutically.



Joy Breath Therapeutics

Take a minute. Breathe intentionally. Comfortably. Slow. Deep. Remember two, three, four, joyful memories. Blend with breathing. One minute.

I enjoy asking people - YOU - about joy or passion.
Biochemistry, baby, let’s crank it up. Yes, we probably all need therapy. And, too much is too much, by which I mean, let’s not roll in it.

Imagine how good it feels after only a couple minutes mainlining the good stuff. Set a timer. Find someone to listen. It does not have to be me.

Audio of Joy Breath at: davidlwhite.substack.com


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. 

The purpose of life is to give it away.”

~ Pablo Picasso

“Obviously Pablo was getting paid by the word.”

~ David L White

“Find your gifts. Give them away.”

~ David L White

Temple Grandin cites several biographers in her 2022 book Visual Thinking, that indicate Picasso had trouble his entire life with the alphabet and written language. Someone may have heard him say words like this and ran off to get a pencil. I’ve been stuck at the ramifications of “giving it away” ever since.

There seems no end to messages proclaiming the truth, the how-it-is. I am finding that the ‘it’ is also other wise.

More soon from Stir Your Soup at:



Stop Fixing Yourself  - by Anthony DeMello

I laughed out loud when I read the title. "I am NOT reading this book." I immediately said to myself. 

Stop Fixing Yourself?  STOP? The title alone could be a lifetime of musing.

People say ‘stop this’ or ‘stop that’ all the time. Stopping can be more easily achieved by slowing down. For me, while slowing down, I begin to discover other interesting side journeys. And actual stopping can wait. Who put the time limit on it?

In addition, a common bit of advice is ‘Let It Go’. You may not have to let it go at all. You can decide later. First, you must loosen your grip.


Incremental Mind Expansion: One Size Fits All



Yes, one may ingest the chemistry. However, there is chemistry, onboard, already built in to the system. As an introductory step, perhaps some fresh perspective, prepared simply. A new word, a placebo, a twisted definition might help. Sometimes a new definition, a micro-dose, represents a whole new universe.

Somewhere between Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind and Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions there may be some expansion in your stars.

Dinner on your own. Save your receipt.


Never Mind These Poems

The Muses are directing our attention

from the Big Top to the Midway.

Your passion awaits under one 

of the tents along the aisle.

Step right up. Pay the price.

Play the game.

The chaos will abate, even vanish 

for moments and moments.

We’re all here with you

and you’re on your own.

Never mind these poems.

Where is your magic fire?

David L White



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