Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Placemat Doodles

 Note to self: start with better everything. Paper first.

Postcard Faboloosa




In the middle ’70's, just back from Portals East Lakota, I started riding Pony Express at the Dead Buffalo Hotel.* 

At a poetry gathering he hosted, after hours monthly, I met this fellow Jamil, a poet, artist, lover of quotations, and creator of these simple, self mailers.

Does this sound like anyone we know?

OMG, David !!!!! Lol. Apparently, he made quite an impression.

  • Mailroom guy, in-house duplicator, and holder of the keys to the office supply cages at the Playboy Hotel Lake Geneva.


Alphabet Consommé

  Alphabet Consommé,   a perpetual broth,   simmering  with stories we eat, that build  our blood and bone. Saturated, steeped, marinated in...