Many people I meet seem to appreciate the opportunity to be engaged and heard. Ten years as a customer shuttle driver for an auto dealer has gotten me access to people's passions for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes at a time. We generally do NOT talk about car problems or the money that goes with it. That leaves us free to explore the upbeat topics that catch our attention.

I love offering opportunities to engage in conversation. Yes, we may veer off into complaints, what seems wrong with the world and the weather, but the intent of the tone means to uplift. I would like to remind you of your own joy. Even if we never talk .... I would like to remind you of your own joy.

This is not the fifty-minute hour. Let's think twenty minutes. I'm licensed to drive. The rest is on the job experience. Listening to others gets me out of my head and into a larger world. The more I discover, the more I don't know. I love the paradox.

Let's talk. I'll listen. I will probably have questions.



April 24th 2021

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