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 Reading and listening. Ah ... listening.

Dateline: December 2023 -  I just 'discovered' that I do not have a library. I have some books here and there. So ... I think I'll be okay. It's just that ... as a lifelong reader ... I'm a bit surprised.

This reality check helped me discover that the books contain ideas and THAT is what I'm after. A couple ideas and a few good quotations is all I need.


Dec 17 2023

Rick Rubin - The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Apparently five (5) hours of audio on the book above.

The #1 New York Times bestseller.

"A gorgeous and inspiring work of art on creation, creativity, the work of the artist. It will gladden the hearts of writers and artists everywhere, and get them working again with a new sense of meaning and direction. A stunning accomplishment.”—Anne Lamott

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