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 The blog that turned into my first book: Drive Time.

The joy of new stories presents opportunity for growth. New people bring fresh perspective. I've written three Drive Time books and I bet I could write another ... because I keep meeting people.

This from: July 7, 2020

At one point yesterday I had two slips for customers needing rides; Mey Lee and Thomas. I called their names and asked if they had their house keys.

Mey and a female partner got up. Thomas stood up as a striking blonde woman. We got seated in the van. 

Mey and companion are from Thailand and live near 34th and North Ave. Thomas, whose blonde name is Ivanka, lives in a Wyndham Hills McMansion in Franklin. She’s originally from Bulgaria. And Bulgaria, by my count, represents the 86th nation of customers living in metro Milwaukee.

We went to Bulgaria first, then Thailand. On the way Mey thought I must have a pretty cool job.

This happy jazz is one of the reasons I dig my gig.

I'll get busy and post some here. KEYWORD SEARCH: Shuttle

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