Thursday, November 14, 2019

Airport Grounds Maintenance

Every once in a while I wish someone else was driving so that I could take notes. I met the head of grounds maintenance at the airport. And I had other people on board going elsewhere but since the airport is so close he was the first one off. 

And I might’ve said something or ask something simple like 'tell me something interesting about your job or about the airport that we don’t know.' And he jumped off like he had written the Wikipedia post. How many pieces of equipment with blades so wide and how many tons of salt and how many gallons of non-salt because you can’t use salt on the runway because of the aluminum bodies and planes how long it takes to load and unload and how many inches of snow they can move and how much time. And he just came out of it like he had prepped for a quiz. I can’t tell you any of the numbers but it was very impressive. Makes me want to know more.

I’m met another fellow from the airport as well. An air traffic controller. He told me that the tower is 223’ or 226‘ tall. It certainly doesn’t look like a 20 story building. And it gets a little windy up there. There just isn’t time to enter into a discussion with him either since it is such a short throw. It is so close.

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