Sunday, December 1, 2019



I was waiting for them at the service advisor desk as they finished up their work order.
She was traveling with a background man. He did a good job staying there.
I was pleased to take in her mannerisms while we waited..

She: young, tall, thin, modelesque, a model indeed, sporting a big Afro and an even larger smile. And her eyes.

They rode in the back together. She sat easily in my rearview mirror.

"I imagine that people like to introduce themselves to you by talking about some physical feature of yours.” I said.

“Yes, of course, the hair.”

“Yes, of course, the hair, but the smile and the eyes. But especially…"


“Your eyes.”

"What about my eyes?"

"When you look at me, you're actually looking at me.”

“Of course.”

"Not everyone can do that.” I said.

She smiled. She knows.

End of story.

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