Thursday, April 30, 2020


I noticed my 7 year old laptop charging cable was frayed.

I see there were only a couple available at Best Buy around the metro area.

$79.00 American money for a charging cable. Sheesh.

I ordered a new one for curbside pickup at the Mayfair location.

That went well. Got home. Opened the box. Got the stuff out.

I put the brand new cable back in the box it came in.

(Apple stuff; exquisite packaging.)

A couple days go by and I'm juicing the MacBook Pro with a very old looking cable.

My first thought is how to get a return authorization etc. from Best Buy. I look at the old cable again and ... finally it dawns on me ... that the brand new one is still brand new, unused in the box.

I put the brand new cable back in the box it came in.

After discovering that the very next thing I thought to do was set up for a photo shoot and edit this story for you.

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