Sunday, August 23, 2020

Guided Hug Meditation

 Hi. My name is David L White.

Glad to be here with you. 

More, if you wish, at David L White .ORG

I’d like to share two minutes with you… 

We are collecting three memories to share 

over three breaths or a minute - whatever feels best.

You are safe and sound in the here and now, yes?

Wonderful. Relax. Feel your breath. 

Feel your chest rise and fall. 

Let your shoulders drop.

Bring to mind a time of great joy.

Smile at the memory.

Smiling, feel your eyebrows and forehead loosen. Relax.

If you feel safe you may close your eyes if you wish. 

To your memory of joy add a time of awesome wonder or beauty.

Gentle breath.

And Love. Remember love? Remember great love? Oh, my my.

Deep and gentle, we are going to take three full breaths in and out.

Pull your tummy at the end of exhale for more room to inhale. 

At the peak of inhalation, remember the joy, the wonder, and the love.

Exhaling, one at a time, let the memory melt down slowly throughout your entire body.

Three wonderful memories shared over three breaths.

I am done talking now for a minute. 

Let's begin.

Thanks. I feel better already.

Call it what you will; energy work, healing, etc.

Thanks for the hug.

Many Blessings,

David L White

P.S. "This recipe works better with a pinch of love.” 

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