Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Verandananda, Swami Vida, Tepoz 2000

Seated in a restaurant window, in Tepoztlán, MX, on Father’s Day 2000, 
just waiting for me, was the manifestation of Verandananda,
Swami of the Front Porch Swing, my alter ego, and imaginary friend.

He was antsy to leave. We haven’t stopped.

I forgot to mention he was wooden, life-size, and decked out in binoculars and pith helmet. Ready to roll.

“You too can be the Swami 

of the Front Porch Swing, 

when you sit yourself down 

and think on these things.”

David L White ‘22

No meditation is complete without a meditation on death.
A paraphrased quotation with no attribution.

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