Friday, May 13, 2022

Hang on! Greedy Bastards!

 Smile was on my mind. Actually, even though I was snuggling my wife and waking up, I think there's a way through here to describe the value in terms of microdosing oxytocin.

Somehow greedy bastartds poked it's head in and I decided to slop them together in this single piece.

The SMILE wins in my mind, HeartMind, of course. More to be delivered about that.

I have been wondering about and this Smile idea pops. It comes on the heels of the idea titled Joy Ride. More play there, too.

Hang on to yourself
as long as it amuses you.
Smile. Share.



Greedy Bastards 

seem to want
so much that
you can't have
what's yours.

May 11th

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