Friday, June 9, 2023

Pocket Mind Map

 Pocket Mind Map

This requires a ruler, a ballpoint pen*, and about half a file folder, or sheet of card stock. Measure, score, and rule, or not, fold along first, then thirds. It will be bulky, but you do not need another hard surface when making notes. Fold it and focus your mind. Expand your traditional to do list with a larger sheet of paper. 

  • * If you do not want ballpoint markings on your blank map, use a screwdriver or butter knife to make the scores.

In the winter spring of ‘23 my To Do list, and the greater projects list was getting unruly. I could not sese how it would all work out.

And I simply needed to add more space. I could focus my mind on a single thing for a minute and then fold it away. 

So I folded a piece of card stock. After a lifetime of holding pieces of paper, I finally folded a piece of card stock into six panels. Simple wonders.

I hope you find it useful. I'm having a ball ... ahem ahem ... greater clarity and productivity.



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