Thursday, June 15, 2023

Pocket Mind Map

The first time ever in my life, of holding and folding paper, I expanded the To Do list. My unruly, never-going-to-get-done-to-do-list.

THYSM: Treasure Hunt Your Star Map

…  a hands-on management tool; a Pocket Mind Map for your labyrinth way home.

Instructions to follow.

First: put a T Topic and a Star on each section.

Next to the star, note personal keyword planet moons, for each Star Topic. Yes … personal keywords.

For instance: Toys .. list your favorite toys. Etc.

A Treasure Map has a single X marks the spot. Our life treasures are made up of many spots. Let’s call them out.

The star map will allow you draw lines between the constellations in YOUR life. You will see shapes and patterns. You will see you.

THYSM is simply a way to get found.


TOPICS: Tips • Toys • Tools • Trials • Tacos • 

Talents •Tickets • Terrors • Totems • Trinkets • 

Triumphs • Tribulations • Transformations • Transgressions

What else? The whole alphabet. Go for it.

Requirements for a Pocket Mind Map: 

One half a regular file folder or a sheet of card stock.

Measure a bit. Make 6 sections nearly even. Do not be concerned about exact. This is a pocket mind map. When you are on the trail you won’t mind that this thing isn’t exact. Before folding, score the measured sections lightly with a ballpoint pen. It folds better.

(Breaking News -  sad note! This might all be done easier with a dozen 3x5” cards and a rubber band. Let me repeat: Might be done easier.)

Happy Trails Text me when you get home.

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