Sunday, June 11, 2023

THYSM treasure hunt your star map


Treasure Hunt Your Star Map

A legend on your map home.

Put a Star on each Topic section.

Note personal keyword planet moons for each Star Topic.

Also a Pocket Mind Map, hands on management tool for the unruly To Do list. A fine example of an Already Being list you keep in your heart pocket.

I am entertaining myself. I highly recommend such to you.


Tips • Toys • Tools • Trials • Tacos • 

Talents •Tickets • Terrors • Totems • Trinkets • 

Triumphs • Tribulations • Transformations • Transgressions

What else? The whole alphabet. Go for it.

Requirements: half a regular file folder or a sheet of cardstock.

Measure a bit. Make 6 sections nearly even. Do not be concerned about exact. This is a pocket mind map. When you are on the trail you won’t mind that this thing isn’t exact. Before folding, score the measured sections lightly with a ballpoint pen. It folds better.

(Breaking News -  sad note! This might all be done easier with a dozen 3x5” cards and a rubber band.)


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