Sunday, December 17, 2023

Meat and Teeth

While playing hide and seek in a disco house of mirrors, a fog rolls in. We proceed with abandon, oregano, and cinnamon. Meat and teeth with a hint of what the hell.

Yes, I pick up sparkle rocks sometimes. I'm minding my own business, cleaning out my life, if only to make more room on deck, and some of the rocks took a form. They said hello. I photo snapped them quickly with little regard to composition and lighting.

They were pleased. They'd never gathered together like this.

I had been thinking of taking them on a picnic at the Fox River in Waterford and releasing them back into the stream. And off my table bench space.

Nope. Not now yet. They glint and wink at me. The limelight becomes them.

What becomes you? Perhaps you might jot some recipes in your cookbook life.

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