Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Bumper Sticker

 You can label it 

and move on …

And you will go sub-surface 

when the name of it grabs you.

It - something - anything.

The image of the Vietnam Veterans wall pops to mind, and

(I’m sure I had a picture here when we were there),

the staggering number of names and how often we look for the one.

The one. That one that ….

Everywhere we touch can open like a portal 

to whatever depth you’re willing to dive.

Most often it seems 

we splash in the shallows 

with manageable waves.

People may say,

“You’re not paying attention!”, and

they don’t know how much else 

is going on right this moment.

Looking for a single bumpersticker

That covers it all.


© David L White


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