Monday, January 1, 2024

One Day Monday

 January First 2024

1+1+20+2+4 =  1. A one day on a Monday at the start of a brand new - please stay tuned - TBD whatever.

a work in progress ....

Today we are announcing The AZML Soup Kitchen; a more public facing enclave. The invitation is out. Come up! Join us on the porch and share some stories with your bread and butter. Always simmering is a perpetual broth made with water from the Fountain of Youth. The fountain, as long been suspected, is simply a spring in the aquifer. 

Just add a cup of dry noodle letters, and we'll marinate them in meaning, baste them in bullshit

Swami Veeda announces the AZML Soup Kitchen. It's really the employee cafeteria, but the 'test kitchen' has long been a fixture in the Alphabet Zoupe Memorial Library. 

Swami V'da, (Verandananda) gets a phonetic upgrade to Veeda. 

Something flashed by the windshield and I pumped the brakes. My art made a little screech as I began work on my first art note doodle commission. 

We imagine rotating the bauble a bit,

In the beginning was the word, and the word was made of letters, arranged in a ladle, laid in the Alphabet Zoupe, kettle of creation. Alphabet Soup.

These are no longer dry noodles, but marinated in meaning, and boiled in beliefs, and saturated with stories of the supernatural.

And the ladle is a magic wand. I create as I speak. Abracadabra. Because I said so. 

This is what it looks like from my seat at the table.

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