Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ophthamologist Tom

I met Thomas several times over the years. He works close by. He'd drop his car off for an oil change and I'd pick him up at the lunch hour. That was that. Right up until there was some blood in my left eye.

I went to see him professionally. We went through a bank of tests. In addition, I had thought perhaps I needed new glasses. At four years old these are holding up just fine. But my field of vision results indicated that I might have glaucoma. We did further pressure testing. And yes, he said, you have a significant loss in your right eye out in a little bit less or in your left eye. So I’m taking drops now. He said they’d be expensive. I don’t know yet. He’s given me months worth of free samples. It pays to be nice.

There was a ‘small-world’ day recently. I picked up a woman to take back to the dealer. I mentioned I had an appointment with an ophthalmologist that afternoon. She asked me where I go. I told her. She asked me which doctor. Lo and behold if it isn’t her father-in-law. And I was picking him up in the next hour. She asked me to tell him hello. He thought it was pretty funny.

Small world connection.

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