Thursday, November 14, 2019

Sprint Musher

I met a gal working at a big-name local company. She was very close to the dealer. We did not have much time. The day I met her she was telling me about her last Toyota RAV4 she had that she dearly loved. It was the one that had the spare tire on the back door. There was so much room in it she could put 2 each, 2-dog cages and her sled in there. 

“Dogsled?” I asked. 

“Yep.” She said.

"I guess I thought dogsledding took more than four dogs.” I said.

“Well, not when you’re a sprint musher.” 

Well, there ya go. A sprint musher right here in out here in the suburbs. Ain’t that something? She raced Huskies. I do not know where, when, how often what her standing was …  none of it. I’m waiting for our next conversation.

But something about husky dog got to be problematic. Possibly the weather here in SE Wisconsin. Now, hanging on to just a couple dogs she’s had them through search and rescue training. It’s her next big love. Thank goodness someone is doing it. 

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