Monday, November 18, 2019

Sally, the psychic

Sally, the psychic. Eighty-seven going on seventy. You should’ve seen her skin. Wrinkle free. Radiant. And her eyes? Soft electric blue.

I met her on the morning ride home. I saw her again on the return trip. It was just the two of us both times and not one time since.

Retired now, she had been an office admin for a couple Jungian analysts for nearly several decades. She was also a long-time yoga teacher at the YWCA in Hales Corners. The Y closed and sat empty for a number of years. When her husband died he was laid out for the visitation in the very room she taught yoga. And, she’s an artist. 

She did not introduce herself as a psychic. She simply read me. She told me who I am; who I think I am. And for the most part it was quite right. There were very few of her words I had to toss out as - not true. She told me I was a mystic, poet, cook, musician … and she added that I was an artist. Okay. And a healer. What?

Healer? I’ve been mistaken for a teacher, professor, pastor or scientist or a psychologist. No joke. I’ve had the nickname of Doc bestowed by no fewer than a half a dozen persons who I am quite sure have never met each other … ever. More about Doctor Dave elsewhere.

In the years surrounding my chance meeting with Sally I spent hours, a few minutes at a time, with a co-worker who was sharing snippets of stories of lifelong abuses. She was candid and elusive. I thought she was signaling for help. I was mistaken. When, after years of reading, I discovered there might be a reason she was not leaving her situation, I was able finally to let it go. My growth played a wonderful hand.

On the return trip to the dealer with Sally I spoke a bit about this co-worker. I showed her a picture. Her immediate reading was that she projected a black aura. Well wow.

Oddly, also perfectly, and in those days, I also met a woman in the shuttle, a creative writing teacher from Milwaukee Public Schools system who is also a Reiki master teacher. In mid-July of 2015, I took Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 with Rhiana @

Healing? What does that mean? Healing whom? Healing of what? 
Is all healing physical? Emotional? Psychological?

I’d begun to see that most therapy modalities are not enough. A mix might be appropriate. 

In the fall of 2019, after I had graduated myself from the self-styled healing study, I met Randy the Renaissance chiropractor. He reminded me that the root word for doctor is teacher.

I am not done with healing. I now have a better idea about who is who here.

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