Saturday, May 2, 2020

Partner Bingo

Making games, puzzles, and activities is what keeps Pat up at night. I swear if we could hook her up to a converter we could probably light the house. But, given that she’s up in the middle of the night maybe we don’t want the lights all up anyway.

"Is this a football play or crime scene or…” I asked when she first showed it to me.

“Partner Bingo,” she said. So bingo it is.

And she talked it through and saw where I was speaking it out loud to herself was different than her talking to herself in her own mind. She an adjustment or two to be made. Happy to help.

As I say, when this woman is working on new puzzles, the numbers and letters simply vibrate into position. She herds them into their places with antique version of QuarkXpress page layout software.

Partner Bingo

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