Saturday, May 2, 2020

Sterilite paint palette

Sterilite paint palette

This post is a couple pictures sharing a little idea about using the cover of a storage container as a paint palette. 

In the first photo, the one with the tape measure up along the top edge, shows how little I’ve used my paints and my markers. 
Everything is almost brand new. 

Mostly I work in small formats in a very tight space and this is an idea about me painting bigger. 

The watercolor sheet in the cover is a 9 x 12. In the very lower right is an organizational pill container from Walgreens. Very common.

I thought about one of those as it might make a lovely set of closable pans for watercolor paint from tubes.

Just an idea. Just like the Sterilite container cover might be a palette for a larger set. 

This cover comes from a 56 quart container which is approximately 23 x 16 x 12“ tall. Perhaps a smaller container might make a better pallet? This is the one I have. 

It happens to also fit conveniently on my desktop easel which you can see in the second picture. Front and back. In this picture the pad of watercolor paper is 11 x 15”.

As to whether it could be used as a pallet while standing up at such a rakish angle has all to do with how much water is in use. And you could tape a work sheet down and move it easily for drying somewhere else. 

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