Friday, February 11, 2022

Hobo Daze Parade FAQ

 Hobo Daze Parade FAQ

Question: someone said I have to go alone. How can I do that? Do I have to go alone? Can I not … bring someone? Well, technically they’d be bringing me, cuz, they’re driving and …

A: Yes, others can travel with you, as much as you are able to leave yourself at home. Alone. Bottom line is this: only one on the ride at a time; you or yourself. Same for the others.

49th /50th Annual *
Hobo Daze Parade
11 am at The River
April 12th .

*nobody signed anything.

Note: because we don’t remember the official original date this year, 2022, is the first annual year-long parade. The way record keeping goes on around here I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re still running a parade in 2024. We can afford to go a little over just to make sure. Plenty of time to get lost.

FAQ? Parade?

Ok. Ok. Circus Rodeo, too. The point is play time, get lost. Make something that surprises even you. Put it on the calendar. That’s a start.

Remember that we overprinted the Rain Checks. Got plenty. A lifetime. Stop by the ‘You Are Here Now’ tent and get a fist full for the whole family.

Finally, just because there is no parade, is no reason not to get lost by yourself, though. Really. Take a break.


© 2022 David L White

February 10, 2022 Poem 

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