Friday, February 11, 2022

Opus Zoupa

Facebook, in all its kind heartedness that goes into the algorithms, which are designed not much differently than when I choose pie over cake, finally delivered up Rupert Spira, Neville Goddard, Anthony DeMello*, and Jane Roberts with her channeling of the Seth Material.

Seth resonated radiantly with me. The first thing that jumped out is that you, or we, create our own reality. I soon realized I’ve been saying a very similar thing with my own metaphor of Alphabet Soup 
since 1974.

Soup turned to Zoupe which turned to Zoupa; the present form. And Zoupa simply means: add more joy. And if joy is overly two dimensional you may spice it up with exuberance. Be passionate on purpose. I find it exhilarating.

Let’s not spend a lot of time talking about theoretical passion. Let’s just do the bio chemical uplift. Two minutes. Joy breathing.

We create our own reality. And if you lean towards “NO" then we are in the notes section of the library. If you lean towards “YES" then things begin to look like Yes.

That might be it for the moment.

*Anthony DeMello, or his foundation, has recently released his latest compilation titled: Stop Fixing Yourself. Lovely. I got it immediately. No need even to read the book. The title alone shines enough light for me to see my way.


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