Monday, April 18, 2022

Composing composure

 Composing composure

I hope to serve up several metaphors on this word salad smorgasbord. Please take a clean plate. Don't go hungry. Feed your head.

First off, I hereby offer you a membership card to the Alphabet Zoupe Metaphorical Library (and test kitchen). It contains all the letters it takes to create a Ouija board and more. 

The word Zoupe represents input, sustenance, diet. Words are ingredients to recipes you consume that sustain more than your body. Sugar, salt, fat, bread dough belly. Those are words, too. Mmm, bakery. Or? Stir your soup.

Words can be fuel; like burning wood for the cookstove. Some wood burns more aromatically. Some woods burn cleaner, longer, hotter. Words do that, too. Words as seeds and weeds. What takes root? What do you water?  What words do you neglect? When? Why? Stir your soup.

The point of these very short metaphors is that you get to choose. A simple example is the fender bender accident. It's a no-account accident that seems to require you to tell a different story every time you tell it. You are editing. Just that easy. Stir your soup.

Some people offering the mindfulness idea ask you to watch your thoughts (words & language). I find that listening works better for me than watching.

Personally, I collect uplifting quotations. I find the ideas they contain at least as powerful as crystals and essential oils. Discover what resonates with you. Collect it.

Finally, along with the occasional visit to a tarot, therapist, palm reader, you might become a palm writer. Compose composure.

Stand at the window. Linger a bit. Hold your finger up near the window and point it towards the sun, moon, beyond the constellations. Let your finger absorb the light.

Breathe, and on your other palm, write "I love you" to yourself. Don’t be concerned about writing one letter on top of another letter. Your intention is immediately absorbed and put to good use. There is forgiveness, gratitude and other goodies available for you to play with. Stir your soup.

Willingness and ability to linger is important; not critical. This is putting thought into feeling. This is mind healing body. Composing composure. On purpose. 

by David L White


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