Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Hobo Daze 2022

 For Immediate Release

April 12, 2022, 11:00 AM 

Annually at the River, at 

the Boat Launch next to 

Only Oscar’s Option Lot.

A Treasure Hunt and Tea Time replaces the parade portion of Hobo Daze Parade. The Hobo Day Steering Committee considers dropping the parade facade altogether.

Our first ever Treasure Hunt and Tea Time allows you to go off on your own for hours at a time. Wander about, look for clues. It is designed to bring you home and it starts when you have found as many as you can. Stop and start as you wish. Rest frequently.

Most treasure maps use X’s for the spot. We will tease you with T’s. Them’s the spots.  Let’s go! Make lists of your toys, tools, talents, trinkets, tricks, tremors, terrors, traumas, temptations, tribulations, tokens, totems, talismans, treasures, triumphs, and transcendent times. 

In you own words. Here you are. 

Home. Safe and sound.

Like so many concerns hard hit by the pandemic, lockdown, and shortages on so many fronts, there is no parade this year at the 

49th Annual Hobo Daze Parade.

Management regrets any inconvenience to parade-goers. A new date will be announced, tickets will be honored or refunded.

Rain Checks will be handed out by the box load at Only Oscar’s Option Lot, (where all that is and all that’s not is available all ways).

 Please ask for Reverend Les S. Mohr for a blessing on your way out.


An image of the 16th Annual ticket just popped up from the archives.


Further information as it becomes available at: or

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