Saturday, November 5, 2022

Joy Breath Meds


Joy Breath Meds

Meds could mean meditation or medicine. 

Or both. Maybe more.

This missive is just short of an announcement that I bring more joy by a simple reminder.

We do not have to check our schedule, put it on the calendar, or wait. Can you feel the excitement of now - right now?

We will breathe, slowly, deeply, and comfortably for a minute. A minute - ish.

While we are getting ready to breathe we will search our memories for a few moments of joy, or excitement, ecstasy, exuberance. Smiling and laughing aloud are encouraged.

Using one memory per long breath - bring it to mind and set it aflame. Inhale. Exhale. Feel the heat as it if were all happening once again.

Do it again. And do it again. A minute.

How beautiful. Wonderful.

Thank you. Bless you.

You do not have to share your joy. However, that may well improve your results.

Do this. Find someone and do this. Nearing last resorts you could call me and we will do the joy breath together.

A call-in service dedicated to outbursts of joy is in the think tank. Why not?


I show my work. Eight or ten prints as I make adjustments. There's will be more but ... I needed to get one in the postal mail today. Success.

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