Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Knews #32 1999

Here I am, sweating over new layout software, putting together another zine, (a mini, printed, publication, for the 2023 50th Annual Hobo Daze, and by golly it looks like I've said it all before. 

Getting ready for the Zine Fest meant that I had to have product ready. Things came up. Issue #32 for instance. I reread it.  Flashes of brilliance. I've said it all before. This poking around can get a guy in trouble.

There is news since then. I'd like to make it looks all newsy but ... not now.

. At the 22-23 Council of Fires, the Muses presented us with the Crystal Ladle. By us I mean, me, myself, I, my higher selves, elves, and a host of imaginary friends; some completely fictional.

. The Muses and I brainstormed the idea of sharing The Soup. We will be looking at some words and phrases and redefining meaning. Deformulation, also known as reverse engineering, is the process of breaking down and separating the food product into .... blah blah blah.

. Actually, the Council of Fires was more like a hostage situation where the Muses kept splooching me into an ever increasing hot bath in the Mother of All Cauldrons. I did NOT sign the NDA. I can speak freely of abuses of the Muses. Anyway .... the news.

. Stir Your Soup is the name of a program being launched in conjunction with Zoupa Musings at davidlwhite.substack.com 

. Yum is the newly adopted mantra for the AZML Test Kitchen.

. The Hobo Daze Parade is a officially a metaphorical labyrinth in the stacks at the library.

. The Hobos have camped out in the kitchen.

The Hobos voted to let go of the 'Day' concept and wander into the moment. The Hobos also offered to commemorate April 12th at 11 AM at 'the river' as the official date.

"Since we have longed to get 'out of time' as a foundational principle, we find it best to let the day go. Get into the moment as often as you are able. Rain checks are no longer needed. Dinner on your own.

. Chatter at The Platter has it that Alphabet Zoupe is made with water from the Fountain of Youth. Back in the day it was made with the good stuff, like Coca-Cola did ... real sugar ... and cocaine. Ha!

And, the recipe to make you own Fountain of Youth water is to simply declare it, on a piece of masking tape or other label, taped to the side of a glass jar of clean water that you drink from and refill frequently. This is a habit and practice.

If you would like a print copy of the new zine when it is ready, please email DoHappyBetter@gmail.com with 50 Zine in the Subject line.

There is something about real connection with print. 

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