Monday, May 1, 2023

The 15th Annual Zine Fest 2023

 This, the 15th Annual Zine Fest , was my very first. The tables are awarded lottery style. I was aware the whole time that this is the deal. It coincides nearly exactly with the 50th anniversaries of Alphabet Soup and Hobo Day, April 12th. Fifty years. 

Glad I was there. I don't think I need to go back. I might toss my name in the hat.

The tables are also split between two vendors. I was tabled with Max Yela, Head of Special Collections, Adjunct Instructor, School of Information Studies. He has spent nearly 40 years at UWM. Max was instrumental in the creation of this first zine fest in Milwaukee.

We were sharing a six foot table. I heard him asking almost anyone that came up for zine donations. Once a collector ....

He was going to collect mine. We We were so busy that it was packing up time before we realized that I had not ... he had not ... 

So, we get to go up to UWM and see the collection in person. WooHoooooo.

I brought with me my very first cut and paste collection. I was ten years old. It was Beetle Bailey. It was the most touched thing in the first hour after opening.

My fate was was sealed with grade school glue.

I took it off the rack.

People wanted it.

I said $40k?

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