Monday, May 1, 2023

Zine 23

 So that there would be something new at the 15th annual Zine Fest on 4/22/23, I created some cover blanks I could uniquely colorize. The covers were finished in time. I have now prepped some inside pages.

For twenty years before Facebook I folded a tabloid one-sheet to letter size and mailed out the Knews from Home. I had extra. That was a principle reason to go the the Zine Fest. I called it the Inventory Dump Fire Sale.

It seemed like the old (important) me was ________ (whatever) _________ and new days are coming.

I said so. Abracadabra.

The physical printed piece, delivered by postal mail may be quaint. May also be powerful. High touch. Personal. Something becoming more important to me lately.

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